moving targets

by blonde wig

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released February 3, 2014



all rights reserved


blonde wig Halifax, Nova Scotia

started in 2010, how are you?

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Track Name: completely free
i'm completely free hopelessly wrapped up in this dream
sitting underneath this tree, the birds are singing along with me

walking on the dry leaves, the bugs are landing on me
i wish i could explain better, if only i could focus properly

how many more clues do you need
i know they've been piling up but i think the pile is tall enough

the sun is shining on my soul
my life is complete, i am now whole
i'm on top of the world now
cuz i finally got the girl somehow
Track Name: eye on you
i waded in far past my feet
i am underneath all i can see
it is so much greater than me
if i keep going down this road
there two ways i could go
one is good and one is slow
but if i could keep my eye on you
then i could finally start to move
in the right direction
from the sky it is falling to the ground again
it acts just like a fountain
but don't bother with all of the counting
if i could keeop ky eye on youuuuuuuu
then i could finally start to mooooooove
in the right direction
i waded far past my feet i am underneath all i can see it is so much greater than me
Track Name: morning kiss
someones coming up the path you made
finding all the things you dropped along the way
i'm hanging on while we make that
turn around the corner
coming up to your house
and as we arrive i'm
feeling alright
you invite us in and we sit down for a drink
that smile of hers is really making me think
i think id like to stay right here
at least until tomrrow
after the storm hits
maybe if im lucky i can get
myslef a morning kiss
i'll lay in bed all day and wake up to the sun
waste my life away and wake up to the sun