by blonde wig

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released January 16, 2015

this, right now, is a split with the very special, special costello

these three songs were recorded by jeremy costello (thank)

amy v played bass on all three songs (thank)

this is special costello's bandcamp

to drag this on a bit further...
i was once on a computer much like this one that malfunctioned at the base of the stem. the climax was so powerful that it shook the laptop and shot it straight into the sky!

naturally, i held on. i wasn't scared! not in the slightest, haha.

so there i was not paying attention to the music and suddenly out of nowhere came a powerful and meaningful message that i immediately was bored and kind of annoyed with. but that didn't stop me from being curious. oh no! nothing could stop me!

i kept going but other things stopped too soon

but those things kept going anyway



all rights reserved


blonde wig Halifax, Nova Scotia

started in 2010, how are you?

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Track Name: clown
the sun shined down on a rainbow over the town
my face is painted like a clown
strained cnversations all around
sorting thru the slime i got distracted by the shrine
feeling my eyes my face hurts from smiling all the time

i'm shined out

its failing fast
you're already in the past
its right under your nose no holding back
this is what
you chose
the sun goes back
you'll never see your face again
but the clown tries to stay in the immediate situation
your eyes start to spin
Track Name: mirror in the woods
going off the road
avoiding the snow
mirror in the woods
mirroe in the the
looking at yourself

following orders
how do i make sense of whats being presented

u can do w/e u want
Track Name: moving with the herd
why wait
enter activation stage
sky fate
flying over the town
eating fine
recipes fix themselves
let it go
cuz you're now looking at something else
the herd
(here come the stampede)
are u in the know?
(i am talking bout u)
put u on the stage
(can u c=dance and sing?)
impress the (king and queen)
while(they) are disappering()

did i strike a chord???
i think you're fine
how fast can u recover now
aware of starving obstacles
squinting cuz of blinding light
hey what was your name again?
i know i saw u hanging around

breathe in deep
adjust to your surroundings
what do i do with this brand new feeling
feel the space
understand and keep quiet
what is happening to me

this was always theree!
fluttering around your head
a private smile
just 4 u ;)
but this wasn't there b4
circling in back of you
a secret joke
this will be the end of u
but this was always there
fluttering inside ur head
a secret smile
just for u
but this wasnt there b4 diving deep inside of u
a private joke
this will be the end of u


the herd


a fine line
curved into itself
a dotted line
curved into itself
a dotted line
curved into itself
back out back out back out back out
back into itself